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eOthello New Format
  • Lazy Twits at 2017-03-22

    Dear Reversi/Othello fans please try out the new format of eOthello

    Now with a Green board

    But all the links have gone

    I had to delete all my eOthello cookies first (easy with mozilla) to make it display correctly

    Flipping yours (not mine unless I forget my colour)


    p.s. some Othello Links

    Draw lines
















    Random openings






  • Lazy Twits at 2017-10-21

    Now with undo

  • Lazy Twits at 2017-11-05

    also a couple of bots “swanson” & “veteran” which can be hammered if you use matchmaker without setting it above 1200 rating

  • Lazy Twits at 2020-07-23

    As well as the Normal 8x8

    And the random 8 move start (rated close to a draw) 8x8

    Now anti 8x8 (get the lowest score)

    Grand 10x10

    Octagon (not yet played)

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