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game lost why
  • groeneveld at 2013-12-31


    why is this game lost for me

  • kingofthebesI at 2014-01-01

    Time I guess

  • FatPhil at 2014-01-01

    Ah, “groeneveld”, I recognise that name - that's the guy who spends all his time on the forums complaining about timing out and losing vacation days rather than actually playing moves in any of his games.

    And http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/game/game.jsp?gid=1592763 is down to 25 hours, I see, last move played 3 weeks ago.

    Didn't you threaten to leave? Any progress on that?

  • terrance806 at 2014-01-01

    @groeneveld we are all a little tired of your complaining. You are the only person on this site who times out “unexpectedly” on a regular basis. Clearly you do not understand how this site works. As @FatPhil suggests, stop sending complaints and actually make some moves on time.

  • isometry at 2014-01-01

    LOL FatPhil!

  • groeneveld at 2014-01-01

    i shall play 1 game ,
    all other players congratulations

    i never wanna play on this stupid site ever again

    on other normal sites you get a reminder

    not on this one


  • FatPhil at 2014-01-05

    I learnt a few days ago that Groeneveld is the name of the castle where the amazing Dutch prog rockers Focus used to practice, and indeed where they came up with the mind-blowing /Hocus Pocus/.

    And I learnt about 20 minutes ago that Jopen /Ongelovige Thomas/ is a stunning Dutch beer. Alas it's all gone now.

    Hmm, time for a cheese plate of Dutch cheeses…

    It makes me wonder, why I am in Estonia!
    (Because noone else will take me!)

  • Enforce Aspiration of Vaccine at 2017-03-13

    6 learns into wzebra makes black look good with +8

    moves                                                             strong line

    d3c3c4c5d6f4f5e6d7f7c6f6  (fill the u)  e7e3b5a6a4a5a7

  • Carroll ★ at 2017-03-13

    In fact I'm missing groeneveld and FatPhil, thx for reviving these posts!

  • Richard Moxham at 2017-03-14

    Ah yes!  Indeed!

    Layee odlayee odlayee odlayee odlayee oidlayee odlay bom bom!

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