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a question of reversi openings
  • pitirre at 2013-07-10

    Are reversi openings have a strategy purpose or is it just ONLY a pattern to give both players equality in the position?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2013-07-10

    I am not sure what you mean. Like in any other game, there are good and bad opening moves. Some opening sequences are more common than others because they consist of good moves and most deviations will give a positional disadvantage. Weak players sometimes think it is clever to deviate from common patterns in order to confuse the stronger players, while the strong players will be more than happy to play the unfamiliar but more advantageous position.

    Normal midgame strategy does apply in the first few moves, but most serious players will learn a repertoire of opening lines so that they don't have to think too hard right from the start (put simply).

  • pitirre at 2013-07-10

    For example, in chess opening moves are made strategically to take you to the middlegame and one follows the plan. Many players just remembers the moves but when middlegame comes they don't know what to do with the system (opening moves)

    Do you understand what I mean now?

  • pitirre at 2013-07-10

    Another example in the game of go: if you play the sanrensei opening the idea is to develop fast and play in the center. They are not just moves but a system to follow and have a good midgame

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2013-07-11

    OK, I see. I can't answer this very deeply then. I guess most tournament players just stick to some lines they feel comfortable with, without knowing about the subtle characteristics of the midgame positions that lie ahead. The top playes might have deeper reasons for their opening choices, but I would not know very much about it.

    Personally I like to prepare something new before a big tournament in order to be unpredictable, but I just look up something with WZebra or something (as anyone can do) without considering the “meaning” behind it.

  • pitirre at 2013-07-11

    Thanks for your response. I guess you are right anyway. I will try to learn some reversi openings and with experience try to “feel” what is about. Definetly some should write a book about reversi openings and with explanations. Not just who is better or slightly ahead.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Lazy Twits at 2018-09-30

    A good draw book policy is to:-

    Play moves that give them limited responses

    Play moves that will give you more choice on your next move

    The ultimate aim is to get the smallest size book if perfect play on both sides

    At a maximum consider going -8, but will create alot bigger book

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