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Congratulations to Guy Plowman
  • quartastella at 2010-09-25

    Reversi was so devastated for a long time by the impact of many cheaters with many nicknames that the current championship has gone virtually unnoticed. We didn’t even ask RoRoRo for a prediction.

    Well, even though most games are still unfinished, we have a new champion – Guy Plowman of the U.K. who drew one game and won all the others.

    I don’t know Guy personally, but I know he’s one of the top British Othello players and one of the winners of the 96 Othello Team World Championship. Well done Guy!

  • quartastella at 2010-09-25

    And by the way, congratulations also to Pessoa of Portugal who won her/his fourth division league with a perfect record. I’m one of those who toil in the lower leagues in virtually all games and I know that those wins are very special to us.

  • Guy Plowman at 2010-10-01

    Thanks for the kind words Q. I think that this was the best I have played since 1996 although I felt a little fortunate in a couple of the games... :-)

  • Roel at 2010-10-19

    I just won my second 10x10 tournament to my own surprise. However, I have to share the victory with two other players, who also had two losses and the same SON. I needed a little help from Jaimaica timing out. Now, up to winning my third ;).

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