About the implementation of capture Draughts, Checkers

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About the implementation of capture
  • christian freeling at 2016-01-12

    In International Draughts and Dameo, a multiple capture must be completed before the captured pieces are taken off the board. For the record: I feel this is the correct way because I dislike changes that affect the course of a game to take place during a move. 

    Two implications can be seen simultaneously in a ‘coup turc’, a bare bones example of which can be found here (bottom of the page). Black’s king ends its second move on D3. It cannot proceed by capturing the man on D2 of course, because it is still covered by the man on D1. Neither can it proceed by capturing the man on C3 because that man already has been captured, and a piece may only be captured once in the course of a capture.

    Despite the fact that both programs capture like a dog on a cookie trail, Richard has taken these implications into account! Virtually the pieces are still there, and if the example were displayed by the LG implementation, the Black king would also find its Waterloo at D3. The program doesn’t allow the capture of the man on D2 (although it is no longer covered visually) nor does it allow proceeding beyond D3 (although the man on C3 is no longer visible).

    So all is well that ends well, but I thought I’d better mention it before questions regarding it would arise.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2016-01-12

    Now it is capture slight better for player.

  • christian freeling at 2016-01-12

    Not to mention slightly brilliant!

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2016-01-13

    I was reviewing the few games that have finished, and I note when a multiple capture occurs, it is unclear the path that was taken, and also the notation does not explain the path of capture.  Shouldn’t the notation show all the squares landed on?  And I think it would be more clear on the diagram is instead of seven or eight red squares, that those squares could be numbered or something to show the path of the multiple jump.  Any thoughts?

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