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Richard: Standard rules for LYNGK?
  • Rex Moore at 2017-12-29

    Richard, will you be adding the standard rules for LYNGK any time soon? In my opinion, the standard game is much more fulfilling than the 6-stack variant.


  • Rex Moore at 2018-03-01

    I’ll bump this. Would love to have the real game game here to go along with the variant that’s implemented.

  • mouchet patrick at 2018-03-01

    The standart game looks indeed much more interesting than the implemented variant.

  • NapoleonGolemite at 2018-03-02

    I much prefer the standard game

  • Allan Mertner at 2018-03-31

    I agree; I have removed myself from the championship for now as I find the “sudden death” variant super annoying.

  • XanderN at 2018-04-03

    The currently implemented 6-stack version is the one I like best. It allows for more agressive play and one needs to plan more in advance. I am happy with it.

    My preference would be to give the option to play either version :-)

  • Rex Moore at 2018-04-05

    I've removed myself from the championship also, Allan. For me, this variant has become… not fun. Xander, at least I've found someone who likes it! I agree, let's get the option to play either one. ;)

  • ypercube ★ at 2018-04-05

    I like it, too, but I have never played the main variant.

    I would certainly prefer if both variants were available.

  • XanderN at 2018-04-05

    For everyone's interest, the only real life tournament organized by Kris Burm - as far as I am aware of - last year in Essen was played in the standard version. Kris told that even though the 6 stack version was the main version originally, it was often already over before the players were aware of it properly.

    (I ended in second place in this tournament)

  • Villepar at 2018-04-08

    I vote for standard rules also.  I would love to play LYNGK here, but IMHO 6-stack variant isn't for me.

  • Allan Mertner at 2018-04-30

    Just making sure this thread remains active. Please let us have the standard rules :)

  • sq5rix at 2018-07-03

    Bump up !! Standard rules are cool and totally different - Please try to implement!! I'd say, a bit thicker stones would be fine, it's not easy to read colors in the stack

  • Allan Mertner at 2019-06-15

    Bump! Richard, pretty please? :)

  • Schaapmans at 2020-04-07

    I'm all for the standard rules as well. This version is less fun for me.

  • Rex Moore at 2020-04-07

    The LYNGK championship dwindled to 15 participants last time… down to just one group. By contrast TZAAR has 29 participants, and DVONN 45.

  • Kerry Handscomb at 2020-06-11

    I'll add my name to the vote for both variants of Lyngk to be available. That would be great, Richard.

  • Eykca ★ at 2021-03-18

    I played the main rules for the longest time and thought the games were dry and drawn out. I much prefer the snappier, aggressive play of stack-6. That being said, if implementing the main rule set would draw in more players, I am all for having the option to play either one. Is there a $$ issue in getting this done? Maybe we pool together some money for whoever can make this  happen?

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