Am I missing something? TZAAR, DVONN, LYNGK

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Am I missing something?
  • I miss DVONN at 2018-07-13


    In this position, white played 79.e5e2 (capture 4 with 3), which loses to 80.i2e2 (capture 7 with 4). But isn't 79.i4i2 (capture 4 with 2) winning for white? White threatens i2c2 (capture 3 with 6). Preventing this with 80.e2i2 (capture 6 with 4) loses almost immediately (21 - 17). Preventing this with 80.j2i2 (capture 6 with 1) or 80.c2f2 (clearing the 6's landing square) now allows 81.e5e2 (capture 4 with 3), as there's no longer a black piece that can recapture. White has no more moves, and after g3i3, i3d3 (bringing over the right-most DVONN) wins (15 - 13).

  • I miss DVONN at 2018-08-17

    Another month, another neat endgame position. Can you find a winning move for white?


  • I miss DVONN at 2018-08-17


    Not sure why that didn't work, but I guess I can just link to the game: gid=1965244&nmove=74

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