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Spartan Chess
  • Hunter C at 2016-05-28

    Has anyone heard of Spartan Chess?

    Spartan Chess is a chess variant that features two different armies against eachother in a very balanced game.  These two armies are the Persians (The standard chess pieces) and the Spartans. The Persians are always the white pieces and always move first. The spartans on the other hand have two kings and pawns that move diagonally and capture one space forward. (The opposite of the tradditional pawn). In addition to these two unique features the spartans also have a Knight/Bishop hyrbid, a Crowned rook and a weaker version of a Rook and a weaker version of a bishop. For more info on the pieces and the rules see the spartan Chess homepage at. Spartan Chess Homepage. The homepage also includes a download that can be used to play against a strong computer opponent.

    There are also two Youtube videos that have demonstrations of play, note that I am not the player in the videos. Demonstration #1 , Demonstration #2.

    Depsite these vastly different armies play is incredibly balanced. It is a very fun and refreshing game to play and I enjoy it a lot. I just wanted to spread the word about this game becaue it is relatively unknown.

  • Hunter C at 2016-05-28

    Also despite the balance ties are rare.

  • yung bandoum at 2016-05-28

    Interesting!!! I've never heard of Spartan chess. I'll be sure to check it out!

  • Hunter C at 2016-05-28

    I don't know if there is any place to play agains live opponents, or even on a Turn-Based website but it sure is fun.  Just unheard of unfortunately.

  • Richard Moxham at 2016-05-29

    Although I've never played Spartan Chess, I am aware of it.

    I'd just like to add that of all the new pure-skill boardgames that have ever come to my attention, this is the one which, from a design point of view, filled me with the most acute and instantaneous envy.

  • Dvd Avins at 2016-10-19

    A literal reading of the rules implies that promoting to a 3rd Spartan king, while legal under most circumstances, is not a valid response to duple-check (unless the same move removes one of the already extant Spartan kings from check

    But the logic behind the rules seems to suggest that should be a valid response. And the rules generally fail to address Persian winning conditions while Sparta has more than 2 kings.

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