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Dieter Stein
  • nemone at 2015-02-20

    I love the project Gipf (dvonn/zertz/yinsh/gipf/tzaar/punct)

     but i regret dieter Stein is unknow then his games are fantastic.

    Try to play to : mixtour/minoa/abande/attangle/volo/ordo

  • alihv at 2015-02-20

    I regret that uses Java applets, is unusably slow and is visited by too few players. But yeah, I dig Volo.

  • mouchet patrick at 2016-04-10

    I warmly agree that Dieter Stein games attangle and ordo very very good games.

  • Hunter C at 2016-04-10

    I have played Ordo and Minoa. I enjoy both games. Does anyone know what games will be added to LG next? Or when they will be added?

  • Rex Moore at 2016-04-12

    And Dieter's Accasta as well! Both the standard rules version and “Pari” official variant are great fun.

  • Hunter C at 2016-04-19

    In your opinion which do you prefer ORDO or ORDO X?

  • busybee at 2016-05-03

    Anyone interested in playing ORDO, please contact Admin asap. We need the numbers to be successful. Thanks.

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