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Tori Shogi rules
  • David Rockwell at 2015-02-16

    It is my understanding of the rules that a swallow must promote to a goose when it moves into the promotion zone.  Promotion is mandatory.

    I had a game where a swallow did not promote.  It appears that the rules have not been properly programed with respect to this point.

    Would someone take a look at this?

  • William Fraser at 2015-02-16

    I agree with David Rockwell.

    According to

    Whenever a 'Swallow' or 'Falcon' makes a move wholly or partly within the Promotion Zone the piece assumes its promoted rank. The 'Swallow' promotes to a 'Goose' and a 'Falcon' becomes an 'Eagle'.

    It should be noted that unlike in Shogi, promotion is compulsory.

  • David Rockwell at 2015-02-17

    Is there a way to submit a request that programming be fixed (as time permits)?

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