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Strange Fendo game
  • Flarman at 2023-05-09

    Fendo, as played here, does not follow the official rules. When a recent game of Fendo ended, there still was a large open area. Also, one of the players had not placed all of his figures on the board.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2023-05-09

    The rules should be exactly according to the official rules. There is no rule that all the stones have to be laid on the board.

  • Rex Moore at 2023-05-09

    If you are talking about this game:

    It's a good question why the game ended immediately after White's (Blue's) turn with a loss for White. Is it because the game can look ahead one turn and know White had no possible move left?

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2023-05-10

    It is according to rules:

    The entire territory is divided among the players. The last territory that contained multiple stones belonged to only one color.

  • Rex Moore at 2023-05-10

    That's interesting. And it makes sense!

    But I do not see that end condition in the rules.


    “The game ends as soon as the open area is cleared away by placement of a fence, i.e., only closed regions with single pieces inside exist. Players may still have pieces in their stocks.”

    In the game I linked, “… only closed regions with single pieces inside exist” does not exist, haha.

  • William Fraser at 2023-05-16

    I've got a question about Fendo that doesn't seem to be covered by the rules:

    What if a player has no legal moves?

    I'm guessing that they have to pass. Just to give a concrete example, consider a 7-1 corridor with white to move:

    R R . W . R R

    I'm guessing that the way this plays out is that white passes, then the red must play to separate their stones (on one side or the other) like so:

    R:R . W . R R

    I was wondering what would happen if neither side could play, but now I've convinced myself that that isn't possible.

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