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Strands - new game from Nick Bentley
  • Galdian at 2022-07-10

    I think that Nick Bentley's new game might be really interesting for some of us:
    I've played few games and it seems really deep, while the rules are absolutely trivial :)

  • mmKALLL ★ at 2022-07-12

    Looks very interesting! I'm surprised about the 6 tiles, and like how different areas of the board seem to cool down. Maybe one day I will have time to play it too :)

  • Eykca ★ at 2022-07-15

    Perhaps this is obvious from some of the images in the article, but strands is available (in beta) on boardgamearena. I have played 5 or 6 games and it is a ton of fun.

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