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Submit your memorable ConHex games here!
  • mmKALLL at 2021-10-25

    As some of you know, I am currently writing an online book on intermediate and advanced ConHex strategy and tactics. I have a number of example games for various positions, and am planning to have a collection of “memorable games” as a supplementary chapter.

    If anyone wants a game of theirs to be featured and analyzed in this section, please submit a link to the game with a short description of what made it memorable to you. I'm looking forward to hearing your ConHex stories :)


    mmKALLL (blue) vs musti (red)

    This game is memorable to me because it was my first legitimate win against musti, the player who I long considered undefeatable. It also helped me realize the 33.D10 answer to the C10 invasion - I had never thought of playing anything but the very corner (A11) until then. Although the move seems obvious in hindsight, at the time I was surprised by how useful it was. Since then this deflection has became a staple technique for holding one's ground against a corner invasion.

  • spartacu5 at 2021-10-26

    great! I never played conhex but i commend you

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