The A.R.B All4Connect 4 (8x8) Computer Program Challenge 2021 Other games

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The A.R.B All4Connect 4 (8x8) Computer Program Challenge 2021
  • AnthonyRBrown at 2021-10-06


    I would like to Challenge all Programmers using any Programming language,to try and beat my All4Connect 4 program below…

    THEARBALL4CONNECT4V8X8PROGRAM {The Strongest Program in the World!} A.R.B :)

    Check out the updated version of my program 19092021 below…

    The Rules for the Challenge are that there will be a 10 Game Match between any two programs,alternating who goes first 5 times each.
    My program can save the moves for each game to an external file LASTGAMESSAVED.TXT,so that the games can be checked as being genuine.
    If the Match is a Draw ? then the title will be shared until the next Challenge in 2022,which I would like to be a regular event for AI understanding.

    Anthony.R.Brown :)

  • Carroll ★ at 2021-10-07

    Could you describe what type of algorithm you use?
    Also could you make a version with gravity like Four in a Row we play here and which I find more interesting and less drawish?

  • AnthonyRBrown at 2021-10-17

    Hi Carroll

    I have used my own algorithm's :) I have no idea what you mean by “a version with gravity like Four in a Row” ?
    The ALL4C4 is a totally different type of game to the normal Connect 4.

    A.R.B :)

  • ypercube ★ at 2021-10-17

    Please define “totally different”. what are the rules of this game?

  • _syLph_ at 2021-10-17

    Congratulations on this milestone of a program.

  • AnthonyRBrown at 2021-10-20

    Hi ypercube

    The rules are simple try to get as many connected lines of 4 in a row! Horizontal/Vertical/Diagonal so for X =“XXXX” AND O = “OOOO”
    If you get more in a connected line then the score is 1 point for every 4 so for 5 Example “XXXXX” = 2 lines/points for each 4 etc.
    And the other main difference is that from the start each player takes turns to move to any available empty space A1 TO H8

    A.R.B :)

  • AnthonyRBrown at 2021-10-20

    Hi _sylph

    Thank you :)

    A.R.B :)

  • AnthonyRBrown at 2021-10-20

    The A.R.B All4Connect 4 (8x8) Computer Program Challenge 2021

    Check out the latest final Challenge 2021 version of my program and message version 20102021 below…

    A.R.B :)

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