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level 10 rating tournament
  • michael at 2005-02-24

    I don't know which intervals are used for the different levels in rating tournaments, but there are 3 players registered with a rating higher than 2000. If a 4th signed up there might be a level-10 tourney, and that would be a first … Goodluck

  • Reiner Martin at 2005-02-25

    I just did

  • Indy at 2005-02-25

    Not fair, not fair….I want to play!!

    Welcome back Michael, and good luck to all in the tournament. Lots of rating points for the winner :)

  • Abigail at 2005-02-28

    It has an average rating of 2153. Which is lower than the 2178 average of the last round of the september monthly cup. I had been on the waiting list for a rating tournament ever since July or so, and I was quite surprised it finally happened (luckely my rating isn't high enough for a level 11 tournament)

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