Profanity? Word games

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  • Benjamin Geiger at 2004-02-10

    I recently had the opportunity to choose a word that is… well, not uttered in polite company. Yes, it's in ENABLE. (The word in question begins with the letter C.)

    What is the policy on profanity in this game? Should I have taken the extra point?

  • Ed Collins at 2004-02-10

    Yes, I would have. Just because you found it, doesn't mean that you say it or use it in everday language or that you agree with it or anything like that. If the word is listed in the ENABLE dictionary, then it's a valid word and should be used like any other.

    Often times tournament Scrabble players have no idea of the meaning of many of the words they play. To them they're not “words” at all but simply valid scoring plays. If the word you found was your best play, I say go ahead and use it. If your opponent found the word offensive then that's THEIR problem… and if that's the case maybe they shouldn't be playing word games in the first place.

    (This is just my opinion, of course.)

  • Benjamin Geiger at 2004-02-11


    Actually, I was showing a friend the situation (after I had already made my move) and he said “You mean you didn't want to make the word 'count'?”

    I didn't notice the O sitting next to the rest of the word… so it wouldn't have been my best move after all…

  • tangram at 2004-02-12

    would never use a profanity. not out of religious feelings, but it's easy scoring, it's not creative

  • Judy at 2004-04-01

    LOL….If I could find a nice seven letter word, I wouldn;t care if it was profane. But, aren't they all 4 letter words?

  • Lieven Marchand at 2004-04-01

    'profane' is a 7 letter word.

  • Abigail at 2004-04-03

    What is considered offensive is very subjective. Some find

    some body parts if named with four letters offensive, but

    don't care if it's spelled with five or six letters, while

    others would find any name for such body parts offensive.

    I've encountered such discussions over and over again, on

    various forums, often asked as a question how to filter such

    words. I tend to ask if they intend to filter out words like

    'god', 'children', 'pigs' and 'George W. Bush' as well, because some people might find them offensive too.

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