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  • Indy at 2004-01-22

    Ed Collins has smashed the record for longest word with Diamondiferous (14-letters) this week. Congratulations! I think this record could stand for a very long time…!

  • Nick Wedd at 2004-01-22

    This is impressive! Congratulations to Ed.

  • Ed Collins at 2004-01-22

    What helps to make it impressive is that I did not even use a wild card!

    I still can't believe I found that word. It was against my brother, who lives in the state of Colorado. (I live in Southern California, about 1,000 miles away from him.) Our whole family is quite competitive, and we all love games, so it was nice to find a word that long against him, even if the game was unrated.

  • Ed Collins at 2004-01-22

    I WISH I would have found that word against you, Indy! I'm having a hard time finding any kind of a decent play in our game. I do believe you are going to soundly beat me. I*RENOL for 72 points was a great play.

  • Indy at 2004-01-23

    LOL! For the record, our game (gwg.mc.2004.jan.1.2 Game #118758 - Sorry I don't know how to do links) ranks as one of my all time favourites.

    The board has been wonderfully exciting: I have never seen so many seven letter words (and traps!) consistently appear throughout the game. And I was fortunate enough to share this board with a strong and open player, who was willing to reciprocate an aggressive and attacking game.

    (As far as getting a 14-letter word against me…IN YOUR DREAMS!!!! ;op )

  • David R Collins at 2004-01-23

    I knew it was a long word but a record breaker too!!!!(where does one find those type of statshere?)

    Congrats to you Ed!!!

  • Ed Collins at 2004-01-23


    In the left column, click on GAMES and then click on GOLEM'S WORD GAME and then simply scroll down.

  • Judy at 2004-01-27

    Congratulations! That is going to remain the longest word for quite a while I'd guess. (and all without a wildcard!!!) Good job!

  • BIG BAD WOLF at 2004-03-21

    wow - 14 letter word! I remember way back how cool it was that I got the first 11 letter word.

  • Judy at 2004-04-06

    WOLF, it WAS impressive to get an 11 letter word in the beginning…)or even now) but remember when we didn't get extra point credit for the 7 letter words or longer? It was possible to get an 11 letter word, and only recive 11 points.

    The new change is much more fun….

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