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  • BlackLab at 2003-10-24

    Hi..I can't find any posts about how the scoring works.

    I generally get it…except for 7 letter words and above.

    So, for example, during the bidding phase I see a 8 letter word that runs over the blue corner (which I know is double value) but I don't know how many additional points it's worth.

    Therefore, I don't know how much to bid. Can anyone tell me how many additional points a 7 letter word is? Does it go up for an 8 letter word?

  • Ed Collins at 2003-10-24

    When a word is created from seven or more tiles, the value of the word is doubled.

  • David R Collins at 2004-02-17

    So… if your word equals (lets say 14) after the double points for using a blue 'tile', double that again for a word over seven letters long.

  • David R Collins at 2004-02-17

    No, I don't believe it changes after seven letters.

  • Nick Wedd at 2004-02-18

    Add up the values of the cells you have used.

    If you have used three or more cells, then double the total for each blue cell you have used.

    If you have used three or more cells, then treble the total for each red cell you have used.

    If you have used seven or more cells, then double the total.

    Note that it is cells that count, not letters. 'Qu' is one cell, not two. '*' is one cell, even if it represents several letters.

  • cindys_1952 at 2004-04-07

    sorry I didn't see this posting before I posted mine. The answers still don't answer the question of what if the cover a pink and blue and the word is 7 or more letters. I know under 7 you multiply by 5.

  • Lieven Marchand at 2004-04-07

    It does answer it. The rules Nick gave have to be applied one after the other. Using one red cell = total x 3. Using one blue cell = (total x 3) x 2, which is total x 6 and not x 5. Using seven cells or more = (total x 6) x 2 = total x 12.

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