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Uh oh OSKI
  • metzgerism at 2021-04-19

    I made an oops! I asked Richard for 2.5 point komi in OSKI and he granted it!

    But to the wrong player (should be for player 1)…and a new championship just started with the (wrongly applied) new komi!

    Please help me get his attention to make the fix and manually restart these tournament games.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2021-04-19

    Is not need restart. Try a first move…

  • metzgerism at 2021-04-19

    Yeah, it's still not on the right player - player 1 (black) should have the +2.5 point komi.

    There's a very strong advantage in going 2nd in OSKI because you get reasonable access to more letters than player 1 each turn for the first half of the game, and you also get the last turn of the game.

  • metzgerism at 2021-04-19

    I'm referencing discussion in these two threads:



    Also a very unscientific Ctrl+F search of this page: https://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/forum/topic2.jsp?forum=25&topic=190

    Win rate is 32% for player 1

    62.3% for player 2

    (not discounting short games or language preferences)

    Championship games tend to be closer, but always p2 advantage - the closest split I found in the last few tournaments was 16-20.

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