Golem Word Game tournament started 5 years late? Word games

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Golem Word Game tournament started 5 years late?
  • MrMoto at 2017-04-18

    Hi everyone,

    After having been away from this site for many years, I recently got an e-mail notification out of the blue that a tournament had started, and I was now playing six games. The name of the tournament is gwg.DEFAULT.mc.2012.final. What's up with that? Why is a 2012 tournament starting in 2017?


  • MrMoto at 2017-04-18

    (Sorry for the bold formatting. I copy/pasted the name of the tournament, and the text following it wasn't bold when I posted my question. Looks like a bug in the editor.)

  • Rex Moore at 2017-04-18

    This has been happening for a while… somewhat of an explanation here:


    But… welcome back!  :)

  • MrMoto at 2017-04-23

    Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the (somewhat of an) explanation!

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