Bug in WYPS numeric? Word games

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Bug in WYPS numeric?
  • kiwibill at 2016-12-24

    There seems to be a bug there.

    In game #1830710, I wish to capture the centre, making it a 4, then white-colour the 5 next to it,

    and finally play my own 6 in line with that, all going north-east.

    The machine lets me play all this, but refuses to admit that my turn may be finished.

    Presumably because it thinks the centre wants to be a 5, and can't change it.

    Can someone tell the powers that be that this seems to be a bug, and hopefully get it fixed.

    Thanks for any help, kiwibill.

  • Nagy Fathy ★ at 2016-12-24

    Do you mean, you wanted to play that on the tenth move?

    Of course you can consider the asterisk as 4 and then continue with 5, 6 as you wished. The problem is, turning the asterisk into white won't break your opponent connection. You have to find a move that breaks his connection.

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