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WYPS monthly cups
  • Nevermind at 2015-01-10

    It is quite interesting that while in other games monthly cup tournaments have been restarted (or kickstarted) after some break, this has not happened with WYPS, even though there are more than five players signed up (and Huw Rees twice, curiously).

    Do you have any explanation for that?

    (I have taken off my nick from the player's list to see what happens — well, nothing.)

  • Nevermind at 2015-01-12


    So when can we expect that real WYPS monthly cup tournaments are started?

    It seems that in every ten minutes a new tourney starts with the participation of FingerPuppetsPullToy, CleverHunk steven cullum, and Huw Rees, and they are registered for 1681 mc tournaments this year.

    Is Richard aware of this bug?

  • William Fraser at 2015-01-13

    My guess is that there is some problem resulting from Huw Rees being in the list twice….

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