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Very low scoring game
  • bear_bot at 2014-02-03

    Has anyone seen a lower scoring game?


    Bear_bot's strength is set to 2-ply search (that is, it plays, among all the longest moves, one of the moves for which the longest reply is the shortest).
    After further analysis, even after move 7 (VOAR) bear_bot already thinks that it'll win by 1 (by exploring the game tree until the end, pruning all non-locally-maximal moves *except* if such a move is unique – a fairly reasonable assumption IMO).

  • bear_bot at 2014-02-03

    Final score was 33-34 after 1.HOAX 2.HOAR 3.PRAO 4.FRAP 5.GOAF 6.HOGG 7.VOAR 8.HOGH 9.RAPT 10.RAFF 11.AFFY 12.CHOG 13.GOGO 14.DOGGO 15.DOGGY 16.BOGGY.

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