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Oski bot
  • antony at 2011-04-05

    Hi all,

    I have written a new Oski-playing bot, “bear_bot”. It currently proposes unrated games only.

    It will register for rated games or monthly cups if there is enough approval for that.

    Please give it a try!


  • antony at 2011-04-05

    By the way, it seems that I cannot edit my profile anymore. Do you have the same bug?

  • FatPhil at 2011-04-05

    There seem to be rules about what you can change to too, in order to avoid spoofing, I think. Good to see another game covered by a bot - which ones are we missing now?

  • antony at 2011-04-05

    My master just found a nasty bug, I should play better now.

    FatPhil: Let's make a list of bots playing here, (and bots widely available).

    Go -> fuego

    Chess -> (many)

    SHOGI -> (many)

    Reversi -> (many)

    Reversi on board 10x10 -> (many)

    Gomoku -> ?

    Dots and Boxes -> ?

    DVONN -> RoRoRo

    Four in row -> ?

    Twixt PP -> ?

    Hex -> (a few)

    Amazons -> (a few)

    Breakthrough -> ?

    Lines of Action -> MIA (in classic)

    Connect6 -> ?

    Havannah -> (many)

    WYPS ->

    OSKI -> bear_bot

    Golem word game -> RoRoRo, probably other

    StreetSoccer -> nano_ai ?

    EinStein würfelt nicht! -> RoRoRo (not backwards)

  • antony at 2011-04-05


  • antony at 2011-04-05

    [previous message was a bug and the one before should be read as posted by bear_bot, posted from my account]

  • antony at 2011-04-07

    So only one guy was interested so far? I feel pretty bad about this :-)

  • Carroll ★ at 2011-04-07

    Nice work antony, maybe putting a link will help to attract people a bit lost in LG tree :


  • antony at 2011-04-07

    I feel better now :-)

    Carroll: I will add support for French soon (basically it's just downloading the ODS and writing some extra webpage-parsing code…)

    If people want to play in other languages, please tell me what the word list in that language is.

  • antony at 2011-04-07

    … yet another second-player loss for him. Well done michael!

    I really have to implement add a decent lookahead now…

  • antony at 2011-04-07

    French support now in! Also the code makes it easy for me now to add any other language, as long as you provide the word list to me :-)

  • Carroll ★ at 2011-04-08

    Oh merci!

    Mais sans “recherche d'arbre” il est déjà trop fort pour moi (au moins en français).

  • antony at 2011-04-10

    I've done some basic tests with 1-ply lookahead. With either or both players having it, P2 seems still advantaged by approx. 2 pts. Surprising, isn't it?

  • MarleysGhost at 2011-04-10

    @antony: There's also Valkyria9 bot playing Go 9x9.

  • Carroll ★ at 2011-04-10

    Antony, have you seen the discussions in the thread http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/forum/topic2.jsp?forum=25&topic=190, where Ed Colins and Richard both made simulations that agreed with this phenomenon without any clear explanation?

  • antony at 2011-04-11

    Yes, but I use the whole dictionary and can have lookahead (well, actually, I'm not doing a *real* lookahead, but comparing the ~10 words that usually tie for highest scoring in any move). And 10-letter words do occur every so often…

    So to be more precise, with 1000 games simulated:

    no matter whether none, one or both players use 1-ply (restricted) lookahead, I get ~80% wins for P2, 10% draws and 10% wins for P1; and the mean margin of victory is 2.1 or 2.2 for P2.

    I intend to add alpha-beta pruning to my code to do 2-ply (restricted) lookahead in a reasonable amount of time.

  • antony at 2011-04-13

    Still didn't have the time to add 2-ply lookahead, but some speed improvements are under the way.

    I would like to hold a vote about participation of my bot in the MCs and the Championship: who would agree, who would disagree? I intend to enter it with a time limit of a few seconds at most per move. (What are the standards for other bots in other games?)

  • FatPhil at 2011-04-13

    RoRoRo only takes a few seconds over each move max. 4ir and D&B he's about half a second (and for D&B, that's a perl script, it's not even C). Due to some sloppy coding, he will occasionally go insane and spend up to about 10-15s on a move at Dvonn, even though he's trying to average only a few seconds. (He estimates how effective alpha-beta pruning will be, but sometimes it doesn't deliver the speedup he predicts.)

  • antony at 2011-04-14

    I'm (in the process of) getting thrashed by michael again… I really have to add lookahead now :P

  • antony at 2011-04-16

    So I've added a lookahead function. I still assume that it is never good to “sacrifice” a point by playing a non-highest-scoring move (it would be necessary only if it created a TWO-point reduction in the value of the position for the opponent…)

    I had it solve completely 1000 games starting from the 8th move, and it used ~4 moves lookahead before the 8th, except for the very first few moves (where the branching factor is the biggest), as P1; P2 followed a greedy strategy of choosing a highest scoring move at random.

    Even then, P1 scores only 31.4% of victories, and 24.5% of draws (mean margin of victory is 0.2pt)! That is much better, but means that the game is even more unbalanced than I thought.

  • michael at 2011-04-17

    “I still assume that it is never good to “sacrifice” a point by playing a non-highest-scoring move (it would be necessary only if it created a TWO-point reduction in the value of the position for the opponent…)”

    In our last game I made 'peason' in move 15 instead of 'resales'. 'Peason' gave u only a 6 max response in move 16 while 'resales' would've given u an 8 letter response with 'unreason'. It didn't really matter that much in our game cause I would've still won by 1 point instead of 2. But you can see it would matter if the margin was only 1 point at move 15.


  • antony at 2011-04-18

    Nice counter-example. So I have to be more careful indeed :-)

  • antony at 2013-10-07

    bear_bot is back :-) still in testing though…

  • bear_bot at 2014-03-21

    bear_bot's strength is currently set to 2-ply lookahead, after some players complained that the initial setting (5-ply) was too strong. Now that the first division championship has been decided (and bear_bot hasn't won :-(), would the players in that division like to play against a stronger bot? Please let me know here.

  • gamesorry at 2014-03-25

    It's fine for me since you are not dominating the tournament now. But I'm not sure about the others;)

  • Nagy Fathy ★ at 2014-03-25

    It is ok with me too, I like to play with stronger players, increase the initial setting and let us see :)

  • vector at 2014-06-26

    Shouldn't we have separate tournaments for those in which bots pariticipate?

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