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voting discussion
  • Dustin at 2006-04-11

    please only post votes in the two “vote…” threads and keep discussion in this or other threads. That way it will be easier to count.

  • Bill Collins at 2006-04-11

    Where do people vote that want the words combined so they both count as the same word?

  • Judy at 2006-04-11

    That has not been put up for a vote. Just to go back to the way the game once was allowing both singular and plural is up for a vote in the other thread.

  • BIG BAD WOLF at 2006-04-11

    Also, to either (1) keep it the way it is or (2) go back to how it was, it would take zero amount of new programmin for the site owner to do also.

    I think it would be nice if both could count as the same word, but I think that would take extra programming, and would be almost impossible to do perfectly (since some plurals don't just end with an “s”)

  • Gregorlo at 2006-04-12

    Taking back would cause double-entries, you know? and this way the spectra of words will be limited to 5 words… do you want it?

  • Gregorlo at 2006-04-12

    Furthermore, when is this “vote” intented to end? :)

  • Figilano at 2006-04-12

    Since the top 10 lists were not populated by just 5 entries in each their singular and plural form when GoE started, I think the double-entries-problem is merely theoretical. You have to consider that adding the plural form of a word that is already in the list in its singular form takes up a valuable slot that could've been more useful when filled with a completely different word. We will have some double entries for sure - as we have now.

    Personally, since I when in doubt try to “emphatize” if more people will chose the singular or the plural form, and then put the one I consider to be better, don't care that much if I can enter both forms - I won't do it anyway. As long as there is a chance to distinguish the two, i.e. as long as I'm able to make the *decision*, I'm happy.

    But I can see the point Big Bad Wolf made (“I know they are going to say both with and without an “s”, so I should be able to guess both”), so if I were *forced* to vote, I'd vote “go back to the good old days”. ;)

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