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Number of players
  • Judy at 2006-04-01

    Sadly, we went from 173 players to just 67 on the last round.

    I hope that this is not the direction that the game is going.

    BigBadWolf, and Ed Collins, and others who have not played…we miss you.

  • Bill Collins at 2006-04-01

    Ya Ed, you are still in the top ten even after not playing 1 day!!

  • Cindy at 2006-04-01

    this is another reason that i think the game should be on your game sheet or bolded or something, just more noticable, i do forget about it sometimes and a reminder would be nice, or if you dont want to play, have an opt out option.

  • Rex Moore at 2006-04-01

    We never had 173 people play in one game. Only 94 played the Egypt game yesterday.

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