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scariest movies
  • Ed Collins at 2006-03-29

    Oh no! I'm dead! Another movie category!

    My absolute worst performance over the past 34 games (57th place) was in our last movie category. (All time best movies.)

    You see, I blew it. I made the mistake of listing the names of ACTUAL MOVIES!

  • Judy at 2006-03-29

    LOL That won't get you anywhere. Expect good things from Rick Landis :-)

    As President of the DUH Club, you are welcome to join (after the answers are displayed tomorrow). So far we only have two members.

  • Figilano at 2006-03-30

    Ed, sorry to say, but you made the same mistake you were blaming others for in the “movies” thread by stating that “The Matrix” wasn't an actual movie title. In fact, it is. Just the day after the “movies” game, I happened to watch “Revolutions”, and even in the opening titles the “The” is written down.

    It's a common mistake to omit the “The” from “The Matrix”, but the actual movie is *not* named just “Matrix”. It's official title indeed is “The Matrix”.

    BTW, the same goes for “The Terminator”. The “The” was omitted in the second and third part of the trilogy and in the USA trailers, but the actual movie had it. On todays DVD covers, you can check this - although the title of the DVD is “Terminator”, if you take a look at the small written credits on the back (“HEMDALE presents a PACIFIC WESTERN production of a JAMES CAMERON…“) you'll notice that the film's title is spelled ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER “THE TERMINATOR”.

    Even “E.T.” is in fact called “E.T. the extra-terrestial” outside of the USA. It's only in the states the “extra-terrestial” is omitted. With many european players on LG, it's easy to explain why the longer title was chosen.

    BTW, a good source to rule out errors like those is the Internet Movie Database (, you'll easily find if a title contains a “The” or if it doesn't there. Their listings are quite accurate.

    So, your mistake was not naming actual movies, but thinking to have named actual movies. Welcome to the DUH club. ;)

  • Ed Collins at 2006-03-30

    Hi Figilano,

    I never stated “The Matrix” wasn't an actual movie title. You must have misread my post or perhaps I didn't clarify myself clearly enough. (Or perhaps now, after those game answers have been forgotten, the content of my post is no longer clear.) I was stating the exact opposite. Immediately after that game I was making a comment that the word THE was omitted from the actual names of these movies! “Matrix” by itself received 22 votes. “The Matrix” only 8. “Terminator” received 9 votes and “The Terminator” none. I'm fully aware the actual title was “THE Matrix” as well as “THE Terminator” and “E.T. the Extra-terrestrial” and “Harry Potter and the…” and “Indiana Jones and the… " etc. This was the entire reason for my original post.

    I'm a former manager of several movie theatres. For awhile, movies were “my business.”

    So yes, again, my mistake in that game was naming the ACTUAL MOVIE titles. I had “Raiders of the Lost Ark” instead of listing Indiana Jones. I used the word THE where it was technically correct, etc.

    I expect to be admitted to the DUH club eventually, but not yet. :)

  • Bill Collins at 2006-03-30

    Ed, you and Judy officially cannot even be in the “DUH” club, since you guys are rated #1 and #2 for the week! No cause to “DUH” your answers!

  • Figilano at 2006-03-30

    I misinterpreted your posting, then. I thought the last sentence containing the (correct) movie titles was a reference to the “at least ten answers that were *not* the actual title”. Sorry!

  • Judy at 2006-03-30

    Too hard! Too many! I predict no real big winners this time.

    The more I think about the catagory, the more movies get added to my list.


  • Judy at 2006-03-30

    It's not so much the rating positions that qualify one for the club.

    It's every time one misses an OBVIOUS word, or mis-spell it, that results in a smack on the head and a “DUH, how could I have missed THAT?”

    That's who the members are….

    And today, I nominate Ed to the club (as he predicted)

    Sorry, Ed.

    And for the record: The IMDB says the title is

    A Nightmare on Elm Street, which got the fewer votes.

  • Figilano at 2006-03-30

    yes, one of those fewer votes was mine, actually… people really should look those movie titles up ;)

  • Judy at 2006-03-30


    I DID look it up and we gave the correct title.

    We were out numbered by folks who gave an incorrect answer.

    They all belong in the DUH club…their answer was WRONG.

    All 36 of 'em LOL

  • BlackLab at 2006-03-30

    “The Mummy” from the early 1930s only got 5 votes. An INCREDIBLY scary movie!!! There was a re-make in the late 90s that I hear wasn't so good.

  • Bill Collins at 2006-03-30

    I had “the mummy” up until the last when I was scared of the “THE” thing, thinking some people would put “the” and some not, so I changed my answer to Jaws. Turned out to be a good move.

  • Judy at 2006-03-30

    Next suggestion for the word topic:

    Words we are AFRAID of!

  • Bill Collins at 2006-03-30

    How can 2 different people spell “helloween” the same? There are other answers that seems like no way 2 people could duplicate, don't know what you guys think about it, but I bet you can think of what I'm thinking of.

  • Figilano at 2006-03-31

    I like the Mummy remake from the 90s. The sequel was bad, but the first… :) But it wasn't really scare.

  • CleverHunk steven cullum at 2006-04-03

    how about the “top ten scariest celebs”

    who do we start with?

    anna nicole smith

    michael jackson

    tom cruise

    paris hilton

    Al Yankovich


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