New game every day.? Game of Empathy

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New game every day.?
  • conillet ★ at 2020-04-08

    In the game description it says “There's is a new game every day.”

    But in actual fact, as of April 2020,  it seems to be every 3 days.

    Not a problem at all, but I'd just like to know if I am missing something or have misunderstood something.

  • Sighris at 2020-04-08

    IDK, I'll look more closely & update… but I did read the infinite tournament's setting were changed such that our games are spaced out a little further apart (actually that we will have fewer games running simultaneously, but the result is we get new games less often, at least for a while)…  So maybe something was done on the game of Empathy too?

  • Ed Collins at 2020-04-08

    There was a time, many years ago, when a new Empathy game WAS played every single day.  I suspect the game description was simply never updated.

  • KPT at 2020-04-08

    Ed Collins is right.

  • conillet ★ at 2020-04-09

    Actually, I think I prefer the more relaxed three-day rhythm.

    Updating the game description would be nice, though, so as not to confuse new players.

  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2020-04-11

    Also, the fourth Rule should read: Entries are processed every third day at 12:30 AM EST.

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