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scoring issue
  • Korrun at 2019-04-17

    So I now that sometimes there are irregular plural issues, but on the last picture I had “flower” that did not score for “flowers”. Also I had “cherry blossoms” that did not score despite being the exact answer as 2 other people. Anyone else see this?

  • ypercube ★ at 2019-04-18

    Are you sure the score was incorrect? What words did you have? 

  • Korrun at 2019-04-18

    Okay, my mistake. The score was correct. Two of my words were just not highlighted!

    88 points total:

    1. tree – 15 points
    2. man – 14 points
    3. hat – 14 points
    4. backpack -11 points
    5. japan – 9 points
    6. walk – 6 points
    7. sidewalk – 5 points
    8. asia – 3 points
    9. flower – 9 points (not highlighted)
    10. cherry blossoms – 2 points (not highlighted)

  • Orbilin at 2019-09-17

    Ah, you need to give both “foot” and “feet” to get a high score, plus “leaves” and “leaf” ...

    And indeed singular isn’t highlighted when plural was mentioned more often.

    A petty we can’t improve / open source.

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