No new game Game of Empathy

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No new game
  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2018-12-29

    No new game

  • ka300 ★ at 2018-12-29


  • ypercube ★ at 2019-01-05

    It's a week now that the last game (2012-12-28) ended and no new game has started.

    The Empathy page still shows the previous “expression” (image) as if the last game wasn't completed but the “Pat games” page shows it as completed. Seems like the last game was not properly finished somehow.

  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2019-01-06

    I sent Richard Malaschitz  iMessage but I haven’t heard back from him…

  • ka300 ★ at 2019-01-08

    Wow, we are back…

    And in the “expression” mode that someone requested recently.

    Thanks Admin and looking forward to more fun.

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