goe didn't save words Game of Empathy

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goe didn't save words
  • Hideki Motosuwa at 2018-08-31

    Last time was a second time that I've participated in a game, I've typed all 10 words then saved them but at the end they didnt save at all! I'm doing in the same way every game: type - submit - back (to check if game didnt eat one word - it happens offen). Previous game I did the same. Every field was filled. Now I've just logged in to the LG and what have I seen? Nothing! Each field is empty ! It looks like I didnt participate in game. WTF???

  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2018-09-03

    Hideki, Empathy “eats” a word only when you enter the same word twice (by mistake) :)

    To make sure your entry was accepted make sure you see the words: “your entry was registered. 10 words was accepted.”

    And if you want to double check, hit your refresh button on the top left of your screen.  :)

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