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  • Eduard at 2006-03-12

    I think the expressions choosed the other day were wrong because many people was thinking that videogames are not the same as computergames. I spent more than 2 hours :) remembering what videogames I played on Z80 or other old consoles.

    I also saw today what expressions was used by other players, the small scoring average comparing to other previous games, feeling that “winning” at Empathy game is a matter of luck, not understanding what an expression means ...

  • David Scott at 2006-03-12

    well, there certainly is a large measure of luck in this game, but you will consistently see the same players in the top 10 list over the past 7 days. The key is to think about what other people are thinking. Some of the words are quite challenging because there is some ambiguity in the word or whatever. You have to anticipate every angle that your opponents might think of, and judge which one will be the most popular.
    Every word is a different kind of challenge. The “superpowers” day was quite frustrating because every type of superpower can be expressed many different ways. The “most unknown country” was quite paradoxical because the most unknown country might not be known by your competitors, and might not be even considered. Even in the “Most famous videogames”, the most popular game of all time (super mario bros), didn’t even score that well as it broken up between “mario” (the franchise), “mario brothers”, “mario bros”, “super mario bros” (the actual name of the game), “super mario brothers”, etc. Donkey Kong isn’t nearly as famous, but it did better because there is only one way to express the name.
    Thinking of the words is only a small part of the game, choosing the right ones is where the skill comes in.

  • BIG BAD WOLF at 2006-03-12

    You are right that is is not a matter of understanding what an expression means, the game is understanding what you think your opponents will think the expression means.

  • Bill Collins at 2006-03-14

    So summed up, as a saying must think like a fish to catch the fish!

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