100% Game of Empathy

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  • anwi at 2006-02-23

    Yesterday (expression: Most known city?) Marco(DeSangre) and me hit the first 10 entries reaching 100% of possible points.

    Who else (and when) obtained such result?

    I think that now, when plural and singular of the same word is not accepted, such result is more difficult to obtain.

  • anwi at 2006-02-23

    I have found that philpye, BIG BAD WOLF, Tom Ace and fearlessleader hit 100% for chess.

  • Iluvatar at 2006-02-23

    Congrats dudes!

    The most known city was the worst ever for me, 0% :( I used all my 10 expressions to describe a big city. Obviously I should name the cities.

    (Wishing myself better luck this time:)

  • klaashaas at 2006-02-23

    _Obviously I should name the cities.

    (Wishing myself better luck this time:)_

    Yeah, you should name the children this time:)

  • anwi at 2006-02-23

    Klaashaas, it seems difficult. Who has 10 children now?

  • klaashaas at 2006-02-23

    I'm sure everyone knows ten children. Just pray more people here know them too:)

  • Marco (DeSangre) at 2006-02-23

    I have to add to this forum that Fenrir went very close to 100%ing the cities too.

    He wrote MOSKOW (3) in place of Moscow :D

  • pulsifer at 2006-02-24

    chess was very easy because there are obvious universal elements that can be easily listed (the peices).

    cities was the same senerio, but as the cities were not quite so universal, not as many people got 100%

    i won't say much, but “Space” has been on the voting for a few days now.

    if that's out of order to point out, say so.

  • David Scott at 2006-03-05

    I somehow got the top 10 for George Bush. Partly luck, partly picking all the reasonable synonyms for USA.

  • anwi at 2006-03-06

    Interesting for me was low position of US:

    usa 58

    america 33

    unitedstates 29

    us 3

  • Ed Collins at 2006-03-29

    Is anyone still keeping track of perfect scores? Given the rules that one can't enter both a singular and a plural of the same word, Judy's score today, for ORGANS, was perfect.

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