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  • pulsifer at 2006-02-13

    a mounthly cup of this game would be more difficult, (i mention this because i noticed that ‘game of empathy’ does not appear on the homepage.
    anyway, it occors to me that one coud make an interesting longterm version of this game in which your score, or the scores of each of your words, is known for the entire mounth, and you can update them as the mounth progresses, but instead of words being scorded based on the number of players who are using them, they would be scored by the formula:

    the absolute value of(
    the number of players who currently have submissions divided by two
    minus the number of players who have submited the word in question)

    the goal would be to get the lowest score possible.
    it’s not as mathmaticaly elegant as the current version, but it would allow for a greater element of stratagy without the introduction of cheats
    (that said, it might invite cheating even more than the current game, i’m not sure.)

    is this at all a good idea?

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