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Wrong spelling
  • anwi at 2006-02-13

    Just for my curiosity: how many points are you loosing due wrong spelling? I think this is the question mainly to non-native speakers. I have lost 31 points due mariage instead of marriage, and earlier 26 points due live instead of life :(
    Is it common problem? I cannot check it myself because words that appear only once are not listed.

  • ypercube ★ at 2006-02-13

    Yes, spelling and mistyping. I lost 80 points for writing planer instaed of planet :)

  • Pawel Grabowski at 2006-02-13

    I lost maybe 20 points writing goverment insted government. After that i check problematic words in dictionary :)

  • KPT ★ at 2006-02-14

    yes...use the dictionary...and
    some translator if u are a non-native speakers (like me)

    and we have 24 hrs to check and recheck our words.!!

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