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Rating Charts have bad (wrong) rank ranges?
  • Sighris at 2023-03-14

    I looked at the “Rating Chart” {the graph of rating (rank) vs time (Date)} for several Go players, and the Y-axis “rating” goes from 0.0 to 1.0 but the units are not indicated. Is that 0.0 Dan to 1.0 Dan? 0-Dan to 10-Dan? 10 (or 20?) kyu to 0-kyu (or 10-Dan?)???

    All of the Go Rating charts/graphs I looked at today were blank. I remember long ago, before the rating recalculations were done, there were curves on the charts/graphs.

    I guess the rating charts are not working???

    p.s. I think everybody here knows, but just to be certain, Go ranks are often use either an Elo type rating or more often a Japanese martial-arts system which has a brand new beginner start at 20 (or 25, or 30) “Kyu” (or “k”) and as the player gets better their “kyu” number goes down to 1-kyu and then after more improvement they get a “rank” (rating) of 1-Dan (or “Sho-Dan” - as in “1st degree black-belt” and that would be slightly higher than 0.01-kyu when having two decimal places of accuracy) and then they move up the Dan levels, so 2-Dan, 3-Dan, etc up to 10-Dan the highest rank possible. This is a short/ simple explanation, there are better explanations on the internet.

  • Sighris at 2023-03-14

    I looked at a 2017 screen-capture of my rating chart/graph and the Y-axis went from -14 (negative 14) to -3 (negative 3) and so that was my Little Golem Go kyu rank vs time (from 2014 to July 2017). I'm pretty sure now that Dan level players would have had a positive rating number. so a 2-Dan would have a rating of +2 and thus I'm now confident the Little Golem algorithm creating the Rating Charts (Go rank graphs) has a bug… Is there a way to get the algorithm fixed?

  • Sighris at 2023-03-14

    I noticed this topic has been discussed in the “General forum” with some helpful information. The LG forum weblink for that discussion is: https://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/forum/topic2.jsp?forum=1&topic=3264

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