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Toroidal Go - recent activity
  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2022-07-27

    1) egozolwia is undefeated in LG Toroidal Go (11x11 4.5 komi) with a run of 13 wins, and has just taken the number one spot in the ladder tournament.
    Congratulations are in order!
    His last win was a tough game against another top player, tasuki. I look forward to watching their next game which I hope will be soon.

    2) A word of thanks/appreciation to Crelo, who recently left the ladder tournament after having been one of its top players for some time. Thanks for all the great games you played!

    3) I just noticed two t-go things on LG (a monthly tournament and a “variant: toroidal go: 8 players”) which I wasn't registered to because I hadn't noticed them I suppose. I just registered myself and encourage other players to do so as well.

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