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Bot Azusa 9.4d on 9x9 Go
  • Ger Hanssen at 2021-07-06

    Azusa 9.4d is clearly a bot playing in a tournament.

    That fucks up the ratings and is not very interesting. Is there anything to be done? I stepped out of the tournament now. But that is not really what I want.

  • Lazy Twits at 2021-07-06

    Avoid ratings by resigning before playing a move if you don't want to play bots

  • Sighris at 2021-07-18

    …and spread the word on which LG players are 'bots so others can know to resign before playing a move! Thanks Ger Hanssen at 2021-07-06 and Turn and face the strange at 2021-07-06

     - oh, and one other idea, instead of playing old-fashioned WeiQi play “Toroidal Go” here on Little Golem… I doubt there are any 'bots playing T-Go!!! … (yet / today).

  • Oakmoss at 2021-07-18

    Resigning all top championships and ladders to bots and consigning oneself to games bots haven't figured out yet feel like quite pyrrhic victories.

  • Lazy Twits at 2021-07-19

    Add a human (default)/bot flag to each player (changing flag will resign all current tournament games and sign ups)

    Split tournaments into bot only and human only

    Same with ratings

  • Oakmoss at 2021-08-28

    Weird how they seem to be doing it with Gomoku and Connect6 as well.

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