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37x37 Championship and Monthly Cup now available
  • metzgerism at 2021-01-12

    Nevermind that 37x37 takes years to finish a single game

    Hopefully we can find this month's champion by the time my toddler finishes grade school.

  • ypercube ★ at 2021-01-13

    Yeah! Lets go for the first 37x37 monthly cup!

    I'm a bit reluctant to register for the championship, too ;)

  • metzgerism at 2021-01-13

    Just abandon any of your other games and give in to.the hugeness.

  • Lazy Twits at 2021-01-13

    The only way to play 37*37 would to invent a variation (gomore5)

    Maybe a rule where you can place one more stone than you opponent played on previous move

    And placed stones must be at least 5 squares (also 3*4 triangle) apart from each other on that move

    While been placed a third (or fourth) coloured stones are used to check distance rule and then convert to player colour if Okey

    So after N moves you could have N(N+1)/2 stones so could fill board in 53 moves if no stones removed

  • metzgerism at 2021-01-13

    There's a 37x37 game here that started in July of 2017. Definitely not the only way to play.

  • Grummbunger at 2021-01-14

    it is a very interesting size to play on.  i have a few 37x37 going and finished a few. i disagree with the idea of forced 5 squares away, the whole idea of go is to do that on ones own. (if you are smart you will keep your stone count and liberty counts even throughout the board, if not then you will learn. )

  • William Fraser at 2021-01-14

    I think some kind of closeness restriction would be needed, so that one couldn't fill enormous eyespaces in one move.  Perhaps just “non-touching” would do, though.

  • Sighris at 2021-01-17

    William Fraser, (and others) I think The_Burglar's idea (at 2021-01-13 above) of required distance is mainly to stop somebody from instantly capturing an opponent's stone {once they get 4-stones/turn (or more)} and getting a Ponnuki or some other advantage from placing many stones at once in one small area which couldn't be done if you only got one move per turn, such as placing 3 or more stones in a row to separate two stones only one space apart… In other words, it is not to force a player to play better / not heavy (as Grummbunger at 2021-01-14 seemed to think), it is to keep the feel of regular Go…

     - but the simple way to do that, is to just play Go the normal way, one stone per turn. I guess The_Burglar didn't notice this is being done on LittleGolem (and KGS) already? Or maybe s/he is just not patient enough to play a 37x37 game in the “old fashioned” way? …. Ooooor maybe s/he just wants to try out a Go Variant!

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