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Toroidal go: a lucky escape and a tricky whole-board problem (game commentary)
  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2020-08-23

    I decided to share a game I played recently (over two months, starting 3rd June 2020) as there are lots of interesting things happening in it. It features a big exchange, and I think it’s an exciting game. In particular, I think the whole-board problem after black 69 is very worthwhile (for experienced players).

  • Sighris at 2021-06-26

    I would love to get your thoughts on the Toroidal-Go game between  Bernhard Herwig ★ and myself —>

    We both had large dragons forming/growing, and my dragon bit-off 2-points of his tail, but I was hoping to eat more. We had a liberty race which he won by one step to swallow-up 10 or 11 points of my dragon and thus win the game by 1/2 point (he played White, so I got to move first and he got the 4.5 points of komi). !!!

    Bernhard Herwig ★ has won every game he has played against me, AFAIK/Remember, so I need your help/advice sensei Malcolm Schonfield 2.3k   !!!

  • Sighris at 2021-06-26

    …AFAIK/Remember, I have lost every game against Bernhard Herwig ★ - so I need your help/ advice sensei Malcolm Schonfield … BTW, let me try this embedded code thing - this is my first time so I might mess it up —>  [game;id:2209090;move:77;title: at this point (move 77) I was hopeful for a win ]

  • Sighris at 2021-06-26

    Hey! that worked. cool… So my hope was to connect my D-10 group to my E-6 group and/or capture the White group at F-10 —> I had considered playing H-9 (atari) for this move (#77) and move G-8, but if I G-8 he just has to play G-7 atari on my two stones, so that is no good for me…. Did I lose the game much earlier than move 77 ????!??!!! ??? Hmmmmmmm…..  [game;id:2209090;move:53;title: at this point (move 53) I was thinking I (playing Black) had a GOOD CHANCE for a win ]

  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2021-07-04

    I put up a commentary about the Sighris / Berhard Herwig game here:

    But I only just saw the forum posts made by Sighris above (on 2021-06-26) so my commentary doesn't necessarily address all the points he raised.

    As always, I'm very glad to have feedback on these game commentaries.

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