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Viewer/editor for toroidal Go
  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2018-01-04

    Hopefully it should be fairly self explanatory.

    The source code is on github.

    Disclaimer – it may well not work on mobile phones.

    Please let me know if you like it! I would be please to see some other people commented their games using this tool. Let me know/send me the sgf and I could put it on my blog..


  • eobllor ★ at 2018-01-06

    Very nice replayer!
    I have but one reservation: while panning is a really cool feature, the labels of the intersections unfortunately stay fixed when the stones are shifted (and by the way, I’d prefer the rows to be ordered from bottom to top), therefore a label (e.g. ‘a1’) no longer indicates the same stone after a shift.

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2018-01-06


    Good points. I expect to be able to tweak it fairly soon to have shifting coords and I’ll add an option to choose the direction of the vertical coordinates.

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2018-01-13

    I made some further improvements. Summary:

    • a new feature to load a game from LG by the game ID (experimental)
    • choice of type of coordinates; top to bottom or bottom to top are among the options available
    • coordinates displayed on the edge of the board
    • choice of markers for wraparound boundary
    • coordinates pan along with the rest of the board as suggested by eobllor

    It would be nice if people were to use this tool to make some commentaries of t-Go games – maybe those interested could post the t-Go SGF for their commentary to this forum?

    In order to encourage that, I hereby propose a new game, with me as the sole judge: the winner is the person who has provided the most interesting commentary (up to me to make a subjective judgement on that) of a t-Go game. Let’s say the deadline for submissions is 2018-03-01 12:00 GMT. By the way I do not intend to participate in this game by submitting my own t-Go commentaries as it wouldn’t be fair... :)

    Any takers?

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2018-03-20

    There were no takers for the game I suggested in the previous post which is a pity, but never mind.

    Anyway, the point of this message is to announce a version of the viewer/editor – it now should be more intuitive as it’s no longer necessary to push the “update” button after moves in order to get the wraparound. Here’s the link again:

    Also, I put a new commentary of a toroidal go game online:

    Feedback and comments about the above are all welcome. Feature requests..?

  • Tony at 2018-03-20

    The marked stone X at 22 has a corresponding stone on top which is not marked. 

    The board looks really impressive. I would really like to understand how some people are able to make all these shiny editors. It is amazing! 

    Actually part of the fun of toroidal Go for me was that there was not yet an editor available, but I do not blame you. ;-)  

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2018-03-20

    Thanks Tony.

    I was able to make this happen because I work as a programmer, so I had enough skills and knowledge related to this sort of development in order to get it to work. It’s basically web development using Ecmascript/javascript/html and SGF too. More details on the project here.

    I agree, the board is indeed pretty nice – I can say that because I did not make it. It’s an open-source library called Web Go Board which is designed for normal Go (actually the developer was kind enough to implement a few small features specially for me so as to get it to work better for Toroidal Go). My contribution is making the board work for Toroidal Go. The features related to Toroidal Go, like the panning buttons, aren’t as well presented – that’s my part, and presentation isn’t the main focus for me at the moment.

    About the marked stone X at 22. Good point. It’s because the corresponding stone at the top is at the edge of the wraparound, and the marks for the edge of the wraparound take precedence over other marks at the moment. I’m not sure actually if it is a good idea to have it this way, but I don’t think it’s a big issue.

  • Tony at 2018-03-21

    Yes, the single mark X is just a minor thing. 

    Would you have any suggestion how to build a web version of this game of Tetrahex

    It can be played on a 3D tetrahedron, but also on a 2D unfolded tetrahedron in the shape of a triangle or a rhomboid. 

    As the tetrahedron has no sides the question rises what to connect. The difference with the normal hex rules is therefore that the winning condition in Tetrahex is that you have to connect all of your stones. So catching one stone of your opponent is enough to prevent his victory. 

    I saw you are not a hex player on LG, but if you have any ideas that would be nice. 

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2018-03-23

    Tony, I had another look at the single mark X thing. I think it does seem a bit strange as sometimes the wraparound border takes precedence over marks, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll see about fixing it maybe some time.

    As for Tetrahex, I don’t have any special suggestions. SGF can be used for Hex so I think any solution should use SGF as a basic component. The “smartgame” javascript library could come in handy for parsing SGF. Personally I would use React.js as a component for building something like that from scratch. Still, whatever libraries are used, this sort of thing would require a significant amount of work.

  • Tony at 2018-03-26

    Thanks! I found a nice tutorial on react.js. One day I’ll fly away 

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2018-05-03

    I recently released a new version in order to fix a memory leak problem where it was using more and more memory each time a move was made, eventually causing the browser to crash!

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2018-05-03

    I recently released a new version in order to fix a memory leak problem where it was using more and more memory each time a move was made, eventually causing the browser to crash!

  • Sighris at 2019-03-07

    I hope they know about LG T-Go...  I’ve been meaning to join the group to make sure they know... I guess I’ll go do that right now... 


    Bill Frezza and his colleague John Gaby have developed an online go variant called GO Without Borders that they say is perhaps2018.11.26_GO Without Borders torus the first practical online implementation of Toroidal GO, the concept of removing the edges of a go board by allowing the board to “wrap around” both horizontally and vertically.

    “What is most fascinating about playing GO Without Borders is the fresh approach required regarding tactics and strategy because every joseki you ever learned is useless,” Frezza, a 12 kyu player, tells the E-Journal. “There is also a premium on good fighting skills. And yet it is still go with all the same rules.”

    Frezza and Gaby are actively recruiting a small circle of beta testers to help debug and fully feature the program before public launch. Email if interested.


  • Sighris at 2019-03-31

    @Malcolm Schonfield ★ ,  I’ve been using your editor often for many months now, and wish I had used it more often sooner! Thanks again for sharing your work!!!! Is there an easy way for me to review a game and share my variations and comments the way you have done on your blog?  

  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2019-04-02

    Hi @Sighris,

    Thanks for letting me know about how you’ve been using the t-Go editor, I really appreciate it! I’m very glad you’re finding it useful.

    Actually a while ago I wrote a usage guide for the “goVariants – transformer” library; it  has a section which answers your question about you sharing your own games with comments and/or variations. Here’s the link:

    The section to look at is “Recommended method: via the editor component”; just follow the instructions.

    Alternatively, if you like you can just send me the SGF for the game (via email or Facebook or this forum) and I’d be happy to put it up on my blog – you could be a guest author! (The SGF you need to use is that which is inside the “T-Go SGF” textbox.)

    I would like to share a few other things with you about t-Go.

    I shelved the “goVariants” project in 2018, but recently I’ve done a little more work on it. I mean to roll out a new version at some point fairly soon; it will let you calculate the score of a completed game just by pressing a button (with one small caveat: in order to work properly if any stones are dead, then at least one of the dead stones in each space will need to be marked).

    I heard about go without borders as Bill Frezza contacted me about it. However I haven’t yet sorted out actually trying it out; it’s a pity.

    A last bit of news: (a quote from SL): The SGF editor q5go supports toroidal boards as of version 0.4.
    I had a quick look, it works pretty well! You may care trying it out.



  • Malcolm Schonfield ★ at 2019-05-15

    I added a new feature to the editor; it now can be used to calculate the score of a completed game/position. Currently it only does Territory Scoring.

    It’s not perfect but hopefully someone may find it useful... Feedback is welcome. (@Sighris...?)

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