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Hahn score
  • Crelo at 2017-08-28

    There is something strange about the Hahn games score. If one doesn't win by 100% (resignation) and the board is counted, splitting the score percents, the game is marked as lost for both players, in the games list and in calculating the rating.

    Example: https://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/game/game.jsp?gid=1870170

  • Sighris at 2017-10-14

    I'm not familiar with the Hahn score system, but it does look strange: when I went to the game (the above weblink) I see:

    White: 73 (area) + 24 (prisoners) + 6.5 (komi) = 103.5 points

    Black: 80 (area) + 9 (prisoners) = 89 points

    White win by 14.5 points.

    And White getting “70” and Black getting “30”… but in your game record list it does show it as a loss for you:

    List of games [Crelo] [Go]

    GameOpponentRatingTournamentMovesResult#1870170Stefan Wroclawski3.7dgo19.in.HAHN.53 Hahn Pointing System244lost

    …and as a lost game for your opponent too.


  • Carroll ★ at 2017-10-14

    List of games [Crelo] [Go]


    #1888532silversmith76.4kgo19.in.HAHN.56 Hahn Pointing System54win

    #1882884Manowar73.6kgo19.in.HAHN.55 Hahn Pointing System117lost

    Yes one is a win and one a loss, but both were won 100-0

  • Crelo at 2017-10-14

    Indeed. The funny part is that Stefan lost it also:

  • Crelo at 2017-10-14

  • gamesorry at 2017-10-20

    This bug has been around for a few years:

    “Hahn counting wins as losses”


    “Hahn Pointing System - won games counted as lost games!!”


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