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Are players using Toroidal Go to lower their Go rank in other Go games? or what?
  • Sighris at 2017-08-15

    etoile has hundreds of toroidal games in which they never played a move and thus lost the games on time, and this game in which they resigned on the FIRST move against (LittleGolem?) SYSTEM (which also never makes a move). Interesting though that Etoile has won a few games against pingdong who has lost 22 of their last 23 Toroidal Go games (which is all the further I looked, probaly it continues like that) AND all of their/Pingdong's games have three (3!!!) or LESS moves (averaging 1 or 2 moves) and end with pingdong resigning!

    ferrarifeleches has an equally strange Go game history, almost all losses, mostly with 0 or 1 move, but a few wins with 50 or 100 moves or more but in 37x37 Go (not Toroidal Go), like this 198 move win over “mercury4” … and they (ferrarifeleches) played 352 moves (but lost/resigned) against Bernhard Herwig ★ after putting up a decent fight (for a DDK player) and filling about 1/3 of the gigantic 37x37 board.

    So what the heck is GOing on?  - Are they losing games on purpose to lower their rank (sandbagging)??? Since pingdong has resigned many games after making only one move, rank manipulation seems to be my best guess.

    Can anybody else give me another theory or see some pattern worth mentioning?

    Could some be people who have lost interest in a particular version of Go, like Toroidal Go, and don't know how to exit the infinite tournament(s) they have joined?  - and if so, can an admin ask them if they want to be removed? (or just remove anybody who resigns 5 or more games after having played less than 2 moves?)

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2017-08-15

    Etoile has resigned lots of toroidal games on their first move, but this should not have any impact on the rating. My guess is that this player does not like this go version and has not bothered to sign off the infinity tournament. Ferrarifeleches and pingdong lost lots of games from timing out. I doubt that either of them are deliberately lowering their ratings.

    That being said, when I tried infinity tournaments, I found it very annoying that they were filled with inactive players. There should be a much better system for weeding these out. (I would also prefer that the infinity rank disappeared from a player's profile when they sign off and the next round starts, like in the championships, but that is a minor issue.)

  • mmKALLL ★ at 2017-08-15

    I agree with the points Tasmanian Devil brought up. From what I can see it is quite reasonable to give them the benefit of doubt, and perhaps put it off as a lack of knowledge regarding the LG site.

    I did ask for a better way of removing players from Infinity earlier (and it has been requested many times), but Richard's response assumed that otherwise active players will take themselves off if they don't want to play - which seems to not be the case. :)

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