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Black gave away the win
  • Tasmanian Devil at 2017-04-09

    Game no. 1831608 was won by white by +0.5 points. However, LG's counting algorithm does not track down false eyes. Black has a forcing move at E1, to which White must fill B1, which should shift the result to +0.5 for black. (I hope I did not miss something. Just got home from a long train ride…)

  • Rex Moore at 2017-04-09

    Before black gave away the win, it seems he tried to steal it with the first score count: “Black win by 53.5 points.”

    But white caught that.

    And yes, I think you're right… black should have played at E1.

  • GoNut at 2017-04-09

    You're right. Black should have played E1, forcing white to play B1. That's why it's important to play out all the dame points, even under Japanese scoring. Sometimes playing a dame would force your opponent to play a protective move inside his own territory, reducing his score by 1. A point here and there matters in a very close game.

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