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best komi value for 11x11 Toroidal-Go (and komi for any Go game)
  • Sighris at 2015-12-03

    On another thread, the proper komi value for 9x9 (and 13x13) normal Go is being discussed: . As Jos Dekker wrote “You can not compare normal go with torroid go, as far as komi is concerned,” However although the comparison of T-Go komi to normal Go komi is not easy, it is basically the same: what is the value (point advantage) of playing first (in this case with 11x11 Toroidal Go)?

    Do any of the more experienced T-Go players have any thoughts on this?

  • mmKALLL ★ at 2015-12-04

    From my very limited experience and understanding, Toroidal Go's komi should be a bit more than half of normal on 13x13, possibly around 4-5 points. It's definitely difficult to give more than a ballpark estimate - possibly statistics on the top 10% players' results would help in determining a suitable komi for this site, if there are enough T-Go games available.

  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2015-12-04

    FWIW I'm currently number 1 in the Infinite tournament Go - Toroidal Go, and I feel 6.5 or maybe even 7.5 would be a better value for the komi.

  • Sighris at 2016-11-29

    FYI, re: normal (NON-Toroidal) Go komi, there are new posts here:

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