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White begins !?
  • hershoff at 2015-05-28

    I just started a new game in 9x9 Go, but White has the first move !?

    Does that mean that black gets the komi ???


  • William Fraser at 2015-05-28

    Monthly cups are played with handicap.

    I'm assuming white is playing first and gets the komi, as he is the weaker player (I know, reverse komi is usually given with colors reversed….

    You could look for other two-stone monthly cup games and see if this is the way it is done here.  (Perhaps someone else already knows?)

    The alternative is that this relates to the db corruption issue.

    And another thing.  Although to know about the monthly cup games.  Although they are handicapped, you still gain or lose points as if they were even games.  Just remember not to take the ratings too seriously here at Little Golem….

  • hershoff at 2015-05-29

    But this is 9x9 monthly cup.

    I thought, that just 19x19 is played with handicap.

  • ypercube ★ at 2015-05-29

    This is probably a bug due to the recent crash / revert in time.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2015-05-29

    It was a bug.

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