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  • Alex Garcia at 2015-02-17

    Hi; I've been playing Go for the last 40 years, and some 20 on line at many Sites.

    Sometimes we confront a Go Troll that in order to disrupt a Tournament or a ladder, continues to place stones on the board, until Every Point is filled…

    This bring delays for all Involved at the Tournament and brings the game to a pitiful state of pain and loss of quality of the Site where this individuals play GO…

    This Player : koen Belgium


    At this Game for a Tournament:

    Go 13x13-Size 13x13 :: #1665082 (game in progress)

    Is doing this right now to me…

    After placing every possible stone on the board, this individual from Belgium still placing stones, with some obscure purposes I ignore…

    I will block this stupid after he cant place any more stones, but this is Not What Go is all about !!!

    Any moderators care to see about this game ???

    Please do it and kick this guy Out of this Site Forever !!!

    Tanks and be well;

    Alex Garcia

  • xed_over at 2015-03-30

    Troll? Aren't we being a little harsh?

    Maybe koen really doesn't know how to play? Maybe koen is just a kid?

    I like how you allowed to score the game incorrectly (in your favor still), and leaving him no legal place to play. With enough patient opponents, he may eventually learn to play correctly.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2015-04-01

    I doubt Koen is a kid, he has been playing at this site for eight years.  He is a strong connect4 player.  Alex, have you tried communicating politely with him?

    By the way blocking him does not mean you won't play him again, it would mean that he can't communicate with you.

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