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monthly tournament participation
  • xed_over at 2015-01-31

    I wonder why the monthly tournament participation is way down from what it use to be?

  • wanderer_bot at 2015-01-31

    And go is not the only game where this can be seen….

  • vstjrt at 2015-01-31

    Monthly tournament participation fell in almost all games. This is standard. Obvious reason are new games (some very short like Polyomino or Catchup) and new types of competition (infinity) was added, and that took part of players from existing tournaments.

    I've heard that there is general withdrawal from Abstract Strategy Games, because people today tend to be more intelectually lazy that even 10 years ago, and prefer to play computer games with good graphics, but I don't know if it's true.

    Another reason is competition from other dedicated GO servers (like OGS or DGS) trying (with some success) to improve themselves.

    Of course we have strong bots that make possesing big skills in internet possible for cheaters. Equalization cheaters with good players discourage some people from playing seriously in internet.

    In GO monthly cup we have handicap games, and tournament like this is from my perspective pointless because winners are not best players, event not random players, but most often biggest sandbaggers. Another reason I don't like handicap games is because you have to play trickplay/hamete too much, and I prefer “fair” outplaying (or being outplayed) your opponent. Handicaps are good to give SOME realistic chances for winnig for weaker player, but full handicap games are theoretically 50% chances for both players and I think this is unfair.

  • vstjrt at 2015-01-31

    not “event not random players” but “even not random players” of course

  • erratic at 2015-01-31

    I my case it is handicap. As your rating “approaches”(*) your real rating, you cannot play anymore. You will be beaten by players to whom you have to give 8 stones, but they are really near your strength. Of course when you are new, you will win lots of unfair games too.

    (*) LG rating discussion is a very old topic, don't want to start it again.

  • Crelo at 2015-02-18

    Moreover, when you lose a handicap game you lose rating points as if you lost an equal game to that rating.  I.E. 1 dan gives 9 stones to 10 kyu and lose, he lose an equal game against 10 kyu in rating points. If he wins he win an equal game in rating points against 10 kyu.

    If you like your rating to drop fast just play handicap games.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2015-02-18

    It's incredible that this bug has not been fixed in 12 years! Not only should losing to a player who gets handicap stones have less effect on your rating, but also if you don't get any compensation in the tournament score for giving handicap, handicap games are meaningless.

  • damasceno at 2015-02-18

    major reason for monthly cup lack of participation is the extra large time limit / time bonus per move.

    if you watch, for example, most players prefer playing with limit under 5 days per move.

    here at LG, it is even possible for a any ad-hoc profile to delay a tournament using vacation (whose amount of days cannot be controlled by oponents) as well as managing the bonus.:

    in case the rules of play time are not changed, this might kill LG.

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