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Black and white passed, but the game is not finished
  • Tsgogo at 2014-12-19

    I am new on littlegolem. I have a game situation as the White player with nearly equal points B=9 and W=10 and I as White have the 5.5 Komi. So I will win. Black passed and I did pass too. But the game is not finished with both sides passing as I expected it. What are the rules in littlegolem server?? / Thomas - TSgogo

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2014-12-19

    The first player who passed (in this case, your opponent) must offer a score. In scoring mode one can toggle dead stones if necessary. After that, you get the option to accept it or offer a different score.

  • Tsgogo at 2014-12-19

    If winning a game how much points I  become awarded in K-ranking?  Is this a fixed plus like f.e. 0.2 k or does it depend on the amounts of points in difference to the loosing party? Thanks for answering!!

  • erratic at 2014-12-19

    It does not depend on the game score, just win or loss. I depends on the difference in rating between both players. A loss against a much stronger player means almost nothing, a win against a much stronger moves you up a lot. And vice versa. Unfortunately, handicap is not counted. So 1 dan losing to 5 kyu on handicap 9 counts the same as if the 5 kyu won an even game ;-(

  • Tsgogo at 2014-12-19

    Does handicap mean the komi 5.5 in 9x9 go and something different in 13x13go or 19x19go?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2014-12-20

    No, komi is not handicap. 9x9 and 13x13 are always played without handicap. The komi, as you probably know, is just a way to even out the first player's advantage. The monthly cups in 19x19 are played with handicap stones, but as erratic pointed out this is not accounted for in the rating calculation, nor do the stronger players get any other compensation in terms of tournament points like in a proper go tournament, which makes LG's handicap system doubly unfair.

  • Tsgogo at 2014-12-20

    Esp. to Tasmanian Devil: Thanks a lot for your kind answers!! Now I fully understand the definition of words and practise in LG. As you see I want to learn the terms in this platform.  Wherelse do you play and find the system better balancec?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2014-12-20

    No problem. :-) In the past I have played a little bit on dragongoserver.

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