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editors for SGF files (in particular for Toroidal Go)
  • Sighris at 2014-12-09

    Where can I get a SGF editor which will can be used to review a Toroidal Go game played here on LG?

    I tried using CGoBan3 but it places the moves on a flat 11x11 board with edges (in other-words, a normal 11x11 GoBan) and the “wrap around” does not happen like it does here on the LG (Toroidal Go) website.

    I also tried using the eidogo website, but that doesn't work either, for example: http://eidogo.com/#url:http://www.littlegolem.net/servlet/sgf/1669378/game.sgf

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    Also, which SGF file editor do you use for regular (19x19) Go games?  - I have been using CGoBan3 from the KGS website, which works well enough (for regular square boards) but I am wondering: what else is out there?

  • Crelo at 2014-12-10

    I don't think there are any editors for toroidal Go, Little Golem is the first place where I found something like it.

    About SGF file editors:

    Now I am using Drago, for it's database functionality and the automatic display of games.


    In the past I used a lot Hibiscus for creating diagrams and printing games.


  • Crelo at 2014-12-10

    You have a nice list of software here:


  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2015-06-25

    For toroidal Go, there's more info here: http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/forum/topic2.jsp?forum=20&topic=410

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